Windcluster Ltd. Directors

Windcluster has 50 shareholders, a group of private individuals who hold all the shares between them. Many were amongst the visionary first group who backed the original Haverigg windcluster.

Along the way many others have been central to the success of the company, including Stephen Andrews, Euan Cameron, Bill Withycombe, Glyn England, Liz Reason and our patient landowner, Dick Craghill.

Colin Palmer

 Colin Palmer

I have been active in renewable energy since the late 1970s when I worked in the UK’s original wave energy programme. I was then one of the founders of a start-up company that pioneered the design and manufacture of wood epoxy wind turbine blades in the UK. In 1988 I established Windcluster Ltd to undertake wind energy development. Windcluster was a pioneer in the UK and developed and built one of the first commercial wind energy projects at Haverigg in Cumbria.

The project was financed by private shareholders and continues to be owned at operated by the company. Subsequently I co-founded Wind Prospect Group Ltd, another renewable energy company that grew from 2 to 250 people in ten years and was active in markets around the globe. At Wind Prospect I was responsible for developing new wind energy markets for the Group, including onshore wind energy in the Fenlands of the UK and the Burbo offshore project.

I lead the company’s diversification into marine renewable technologies and solar energy. During this time I also held a number of external positions including board membership of RenewablesUK and RegenSW and a trusteeship of the Centre for Sustainable Energy in Bristol. More recently I have become the Chair of Wight Community Energy, the owner of a 4MW solar project on the Isle of Wight and have managed to find time to study for a PhD on the topic of pterosaur flight.

David Bunker

 David Bunker - Windcluster

I have been a practising Chartered Accountant since the early 1980s and have steadily increased my involvement with the renewables sector. I have been the Finance Director of Windcluster since 1996, and have acted during the period since as a Director of a number of organisations including the Centre for Sustainable Energy, Sustain Ltd, Bath & West Community Energy Ltd and Mongoose Energy Ltd. I am inspired to work towards the creation of an energy sector which is both financially sound and committed to ethical principles.



  • PPA Centrica
  • Operations and Maintenance Vestas and WPO
  • Electrical consultants Xero Energy
  • Legal advice Osborne Clark, Renew legal Ltd
  • Financing Triodos Bank
  • Neighbours Thrive Energy and Baywind Energy Cooperative

Community Partners

  • Haverigg School